Avocado sandwiches for breakfast
Using newspapers for napkins
A bed made out of blankets
A loose rusted bike chain
I’m trying on your jeans while you’re still asleep
I’m using your toothbrush to keep my teeth clean
I keep my things in a separate pile from your things

Never knew how fast I was going
Until I turned so sharp I lost my balance
I’ve had practice going at much faster speeds
Do you believe me?

You stay just a few feet ahead of me
I’m on autopilot watching you
Navigate us through the city

Tijuana on the fourth of July:
We took the trolley from downtown
So we’d miss all the fireworks
We were drinking beer with the stray cats
In an empty parking lot

And it felt like we had posed
To take one of those photos
Changed by sepia tone, antiquated (faux)
Framed by makeshift gates around the suburb homes
In the dusty hills of Mexico

Never knew how fast I was going...

But it happened so quick
That I had to stop


from I Don't Like You (part 1), released September 27, 2011



all rights reserved


Miniature Soap Los Angeles, California

The heart like soap, slipped through the ribs.

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