How To Kiss a Ghost (part 2)

by Miniature Soap




miniature soap is kelli anne noftle
all songs produced by raymond richards, jordan hudock, & kelli anne noftle at red rockets glare studio in rancho park, calif.
mixed by raymond richards
mastered by mark chalecki
performed by kelli anne noftle, raymond richards, jordan hudock, franck fiser, isaac takeuchi, luke janela, & hunter curra
songs written by kelli anne noftle
cover photos by megan gilbert
design by kelli anne noftle


released October 11, 2011


all rights reserved



Miniature Soap Los Angeles, California

The heart like soap, slipped through the ribs.

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Track Name: No More Room
I’ve got no more room in my heart
For anyone else, anyone else but you
I’ve tried to make the space
But it was such an awful arrangement
With anyone else, anyone else but you

I’m so sick of getting sad when I drink
And the bar just feels empty
When it’s filled with people
You’re the only one who hasn’t complained
About all of my hatred
And I’ve got to say: that, my dear, is true love

I’ve got no more room in my heart
For anyone else, anyone else but you
I said I was dark, not pessimistic
Yes, there is a difference
Would anyone else, anyone understand?

I don’t care how unhealthy it seems
You found a hundred dollar bill on the ground
And you gave it to me
But it’s not about money,
It’s all about space that I just don’t have
Track Name: Arm's Length Away
I’ve seen fire lick the sky
And Michael, he burns his mouth on mine
It ignites a sorrow sleeping by
Yes, even some sadnesses will glow fiery hot, so fiery

You’re the one behind the lens
I’m just your subject
You still hold my face arm’s length away

You say you never have regrets—
Well you must have made good choices
But I’m still here, I’m still stuck between
Desire and unhappiness (between you and this mattress)

I was so still while you focused your camera
Waiting for the light to change
But the landscape was painted
And the motions were staged
Until the concepts all replaced me

Now I’m the one behind the lens
And you’re just a subject
You still hold your place arm’s length away
Track Name: How To Kiss a Ghost
I didn’t keep you alive
Long enough to write
Anything true about you

You didn’t open your mouth
Wide enough to say:
“I’m here, in the back of the room”

I’ve learned a lot about how to kiss a ghost
You rest your lips on his and watch him as he floats
Then after a while, you get used to it alone
Holding someone here who’s already disappeared

I didn’t make this all up
But at times it seemed invented,
Our long history

Just like the mirror
I knew him only related to
An exact image of me

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